Highlight: Mark Dinello

Having been introduced years before, Mark Dinelllo finally had the capacity to come to TBG Chicago in 2011 after a slowdown in international travel and his second retirement from the biotech industry and consulting. Prior to that, Mark started his career in the Oil and Chemical industry as a Chemical Engineer and continued in the…
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My breakfast with Steve Ujvarosy

By: Tommy Lee I had a chance to sit down and have breakfast with Steve last week in Evanston.  Steve is the President of Telchar Systems, Inc. which is a Chicago based consulting firm working globally in the following areas: Capital Markets Consulting Network Infrastructure Telecommunications and Computer Systems planning Workflow analysis & planning Custom…
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Does Vision Ever Take a Day Off?

THE IMPORTANCE OF SHARE VALUES AND VISION By Chuck Thomas Does vision within an organization need to be tempered, does the role of vision ever stop or slow? Does forever need to reach into the future and push the envelope out of the current state? I believe continued, ever-expanding vision is critical if an organization is…
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