Barnabas Chicago: an Interview with Jessica Tsai

Starbucks. McDonald's. Nike. Target. All big name companies with different benefits for consumers. Not to mention big budgets for their marketing and advertising teams.

One key question that stood out during our online training session with Jessica Tsai Chin on the topic, Building Your Organization's Brand to Become a Personal One People Can Connect To was, "What does your brand stand for?" For many non-profits and start-ups it's difficult to even identify where to begin with shaping your brand aside from some "creative" ideas.

So, how do you make your organization stand out from competitors?

Jessica gave a very quick overview of a 6 step process that most large agencies and companies use to ensure they are going through a proper process to know they are engaging their consumers in the right way. The material discussed gave participants much thought to consider as they ponder to identify for their own organizations what their brand stands for. The training provided sparks of inspiration as wheels began to turn to answer this question.

Over 30 individuals RSVP'd for the online training and 27 individuals joined us on the call from all over the US from different Barnabas Group chapters, and several others requested the recording of the training. Participants were highly motivated and inspired to apply what they learned.

"I felt the overview was great, a primer on branding and an overview of how to really think about approaching the consumer with your differentiation and how best to utilize social media to determine traffic on your website and how best to utilize limited dollars for promotion." - Holly Wylie

"We gained a lot!!!  My organization is needing to clarify who we are and what we do.  This session helped!" - Les Castro

Jessica also went over three ways to differentiate an organization, shared key websites to identify your target audience, how to position your brand, and more. Here are some key statements mentioned during the training:

  • "You need to differentiate yourself from the competition. A huge importance you have to think about whether non-profit or business, is what are the customer advantages you are providing. When a customer thinks about your firm or company, what are they thinking? What value and benefit do you truly provide and are they willing to pay for it? Will they see you at the best at providing it?"
  • "What benefit do your provide? You cannot be everything to everyone. It is important to understand where you can win and where you cannot. The companies that lose are the ones that dilute their core strengths and invest in areas where they cannot win competitively."

Want to view the recording? You can access it here on our Barnabas Group Youtube Channel.

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