Engagement Recap : Entrenuity

This year we are working to bring Barnabas members more information about our activities, including our engagements with the ministries we have the opportunity to serve.

This recap looks at our engagement with two organizations presented by Brian Jenkins, Moxe and Entrenuity...

Brian Jenkins presented at TBG Chicago in May of 2016 and had the chance to share about his two innovative organizations, Moxe and Entrenuity. Moxe is a co-working space in Chicago's South Loop that offers business coaching opportunities and Entrenuity is working with entrepreneurs to help turn them into business leaders with character. Brian's time at Barnabas was incredibly fruitful; in a market space entirely dependent on relationships and networks, Brian's organizations were truly blessed by the members of TBG Chicago. 

The greatest value added TBG Chicago had to Entrenuity and Moxe was really these connecting relationships. As a result of presenting, Brian Jenkins was able to connect with Larry Mollner who was then able to connect Brian to Tom Sosnoff of Tastytrade. Tom, an accomplished investor and market expert, presented a four week course for Moxe members and others on investing that was invaluable for attendees.

Additionally, Brian was able to recruit 3 business coaches: Angela Jackson, Ralph Kendrick and an additional individual. Coaches are are truly integral to the work Brian does and we are prayerful that these relationships would be impactful for the Kingdom. 

Entrenuity Recap

You can view the full engagement details here.

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