Felecia Thompson speaking at The Barnabas Group Chicago

It is rare for a speaker to connect to every person in the room, but Felecia Thompson did just that when she spoke at our recent Quarterly Gathering. She was just the right mix of personable, funny, and direct. She delivered her message and reached the hearts of everyone present, reminding us of the importance of living a life rooted to Christ.

Felecia, a mother of two grown daughters, lives with her husband Steve on the south side of Chicago where she is strives to make a difference in her community. She began her career at World Vision, an organization driven by the belief that every child deserves to live life to its fullest potential, she is now the Domestic Mission Director at Christ Church in Oak Brook and Resilient.

At Christ Church, Felecia works to help the local body of Christ live life deeply rooted in the Lord. This isn’t just about half-heartedly sharing the gospel, it is about engaging with the heart, not just the mind. Felecia reminded us to feel empowered by the good news and share in such a way that they would feel that same empowerment.

Resilient, a ministry of Christ Church's Domestic Missions department, was founded to address the social and economic disparity found in neighboring communities. They do this by sharing the love of Christ through programs that enable and teach resilience. The ministry partners with schools, churches, individuals, charitable organizations, and volunteers. Their primary focus is the children, teens, and young adults of Villa Park, Lombard, and Oakbrook Terrace communities. Felecia is encouraging people to partner with teens in particular in order to expose, mentor, and connect with them as a means of opportunity.

Don't be afraid

Felecia asked us if we are really ready to work with the poor. She noted that it may be challenging and uncomfortable at times, and there may be conversations we just can't prepare for. But we can’t ignore the poor just because we might experience a moment of discomfort. We cannot be afraid to share the gospel, as we were commanded to do. The best way to serve is often by forming a simple connection with others, listening to them, and truly seeing them as a beloved child of our Father.

Remember your roots: you come from Christ and Christ alone. You are a miracle. Everyone is a miracle. God provides your success - demonstrate this miracle by sharing your success with those around you. Serve God by loving others and partnering with your community.

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