Getting to know The Barnabas Group Partner Bruce McKenzie

Bruce McKenzie attends The Barnabas Group (TBG) in downtown Chicago which is convenient to his job at the Northern Trust Company where he is a Senior Vice President and Fiduciary Group Manager.

Since attending his first TBG around 2009, Bruce has greatly appreciated how Barnabas connects the skills and expertise of Christian business leaders with a wide range of great ministries. He feels that TBG meetings are a very effective and efficient way to hear about very worthy ministries that need the expertise and wisdom business leaders can provide.

Bruce has been involved in supporting ministries in the Chicagoland area and around the world since the early 1980s. TBG has enabled him to connect with several specific ministries including spending time at the Elgin Headquarters of Team International (Scott Wilson-refugees in Europe) and connecting with Oasis (Matthew Elliot-distributing the scriptures in Africa –launch of African Study Bible). Bruce was already involved since the 1990s with Breakthrough Urban Ministries (Arola Sutter- men’s and women’s shelters, youth services, and other services to the poor) and has been fortunate to participate in mission trips to Africa, Romania, the Amazon, and India. One special trip was building a home for the poor with his wife and three sons in Tijuana, Mexico.

Having both a theological and business background, which includes a Masters in Divinity, Bruce serves on multiple boards including the Brookfield Zoo, Biblica/International Bible Society, Breakthrough Advisory Board, and a board connected with his college that encourages Christian ministries and brings in leading Christian speakers.

Bruce has a passion for loving and serving God, especially in seeking to transform lives through God’s Word, minister to the poor, and communicate God’s truth and love to those who don’t yet know Him. He believes small acts of obedience can lead to great things through the work of God’s Spirit.

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