Getting to know The Barnabas Group partner Bruce Williamson

Bruce has attended The Barnabas Group (TBG) for about seven years and has been a partner for about five years. He attends Willow Creek Community Church, and was introduced to TBG by John Phillips and Larry Moliner. Since coming to TBG meetings, he has talked to several ministries, offering his expertise and conducting MAP sessions.

Bruce WilliamsonDuring the bulk of his career he was a “turn around guy” for businesses and has myriad executive and talent management skills. God continues to use his talents, most significantly “board development”. This is an area in which he is both gifted and quite experienced, having consulted with many boards over the years. He often finds that many times fledgling ministries do not readily have individuals who can come along side and help with this important aspect. Now that he is retired, he continues to utilize this unique skill to support ministries. He has served on boards of well-known organizations such as Pinnacle Forum and the Salvation Army. He currently serves with The Salvation Army, both on the national board and as chair of the Chicago chapter.

In regard to TBG ministry benefits, he sees huge benefit for the presenting ministries as they partner with attendees/partners and benefit from the rich expertise within our community. One of the key motivating factors that keeps Bruce engaged is the opportunity to discover and support such a wide variety of ministries. This factor is surprising, even to Bruce, as he is normally connected to many ministry channels. At past Barnabas meetings he has thought, “Wow, I didn’t know there was a ministry for that”. Administration and evangelism are among his ministry gift mix so it is not surprising that he offers up these skills in his retirement. He is a great asset to the group.

Additionally, Bruce has been blessed by the personal fellowship within the Barnabas community. He has found like-minded believers and developed relationships that have now spanned several years. Since retiring, he has enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with many from his business days that he would not normally run into elsewhere.

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