How To Communicate Impact

Last month, my husband and I closed the books on the fundraising season.  We attended our last chicken-dinner event and reviewed our charitable giving, discussing the organizations we feel privileged to support.

Since I’m also a retired fundraising consultant, part of this process means I will pick apart each event and give my husband an assessment of what was well done, and what was not.  Fundraising dinners can be tough to execute well, so my husband nods (God love him) and listens to me lament mistakes and applaud the places where each organization shined.

One event, in particular, was disappointing to us both.  We love this organization and they are in a season of expansion, which means they needed more people to give this year.  While the food was great and the speakers were articulate, the event fell flat. As my husband and I discussed the evening in detail, we kept circling back to the fact that this organization failed at the most important aspect of any fundraising communication: COMMUNICATING IMPACT.

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