Managing Partner Update November 2019

At the beginning of November, our team at National Christian Foundation Chicago had the pleasure to hear Marcus Buckingham speak about his and Ashley Goodall’s new book, Nine Lies about Work, during the GLSnext event series. What a treat. For those of you that haven’t heard Marcus talk, you must register for the 2020 Global Leadership Summit just to experience him. I promise it will be worth it. After just 30 pages into this book, I’m confident you need to spend the 20 bucks to buy the book. Read it slow. Take notes. I promise it will be worth it. If not, I’ll buy the book from you and give it to someone else! That should make it an easy decision, JUST DO IT. Now you’re wondering, “Why is Jeff spending his time touting a book when he gets nothing from the sales?” It's simple. A better you, a better business, a better place for everyone to work. To me, that is what the Barnabas group is about. Making Businesses, Business People, Missions, and Charities better for the Kingdom.

So back to the book. You might not know it, but each one of you is a member of a team. Teams enable us to develop our gifts and talents so we can use them strategically. No one can explain the importance of a team quite like Buckingham. Take a look at this excerpt from his book:

"This is why TEAMs matter, and it’s why they matter much more than cultural plumage matters. Teams simplify: they help us see where to focus and what to do. Culture doesn’t do this, funnily enough, because it’s to abstract. Teams make work real: they ground us in the day-to-day, both in the terms of the content of our work and the colleagues with whom we do it.  Culture doesn’t. And teams, paradoxically, make homes for individuals. Whereas culture’s focus leans toward conformity to a common core of behavior, teams focus on the opposite. Teams aren’t about sameness—they aren’t, at their best, about marching in lockstep. Instead they’re about unlocking what is unique about each of us, in the service of something shared. A team, at its finest, insists on the unique collaboration of each of its members, and is the best way humans have ever come up with of harnessing those distinctive contributions together in the service of something that none of us could do alone."

If you didn’t know it already, this whole thing is about team. The book talks about how culture doesn’t do it and that should make us shout, “We know what does, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” Because of our leader, we have unity as a team of Christians.

What do we want here at Barnabas? WE WANT YOU ON OUR TEAM. We want all your uniqueness, all your individuality, all your skills and experience. We want you to engage with Charities and Ministries to maximize the impact for God's Kingdom. It’s proven in the book, by real world data, that people on good teams are more engaged and better at what they do. That is what Barnabas wants for YOU.

Barnabas is a Partnership Organization.  Our partners join the team by giving their time, talent, and marketplace skills to support our ministry. To become a partner it costs $1,800 per year (or $150 per month), a small price to join a great team. Call, text or email me. Let’s set up a time to chat over coffee or a meal. I want you on our team.

For all the past partners and new ones, please step up and join us. It’s easy to renew. Make your donation through one of the three ways listed below:

  1. Online
  2. Through your NCF Giving Fund [Grantee: Barnabas Group Inc., Chicago (Barnabas Group)]
  3. Make a check payable to TBG-Chicago and mail to:
    •     The Barnabas Group-Chicago
      Attn: Jeff Wallace
      415 W Golf Road, Suite 19
      Arlington Heights, IL 60009


Thank you, as always, for all you do to help Barnabas grow.


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