Recap Ministry Training Session: Sally Wagenmaker

"I want to start a non-profit for___________ ."

Fill in the blank. Whether you want to start a non-profit to help address homelessness or provide mentorship for urban youth or teach a specific skill set to promote business entrepreneurship; you need to know where to even begin.

Sally Wagenmaker

So where do you begin? Sally Wagenmaker of Wagenmaker & Oberly, LLC led a training on this topic, "Do you need to start your own ministry? What are the key legal aspects to address?" Sally gave the detailed, step-by-step guidance one would need to know and consider when starting their own organization.

Sally shared with us the process of how a non-profit entity forms and the initial steps that need to be taken when starting off. Even before going straight for filling an IRS application, Form 1023, it is important to put together detailed bylaws, the rules of your organization, and creating the corporate purpose statement that explains the heart of who you are as an organization. For more information on how to create a corporate purpose statement for your organization you can view post on the topic at Wagenmaker & Oberly blog.

During our online training session with Sally, ten participants joined the call to get an understanding of what starting a non-profit organization entails. We had a variety of individuals with different reasons for joining the training. One participant, a fiscal sponsor, another a part of an incubator program getting ready to launch off as their own 501c3, and others wanting to understand the legality steps when beginning and growing an organization.

"Today I learned about the need to spend time reading and developing policies and bylaws.  While this could be a tedious exercise, a framework is developed to address future issues or conflicts.  The existence bylaws and policies reflects a sense of  strategic planning for the house you intend to build or have built.  Good to build boundaries and not just react to circumstances.  Good to try to look ahead and be more than operational and tactical." - Paul Poy

"Loved the session. Very well done. I especially appreciated opening with prayer!!!! Thank you for the 1023 costs information and the details needed to get formulated. I took lots of notes." - Scott Wright

You can download the handouts Sally provided here:

Are you thinking about starting your own ministry? Need assistance on how to get started? To view this training, you can access it on our Barnabas Group YouTube channel.

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