Who should you invite to a Barnabas meeting?

At every Barnabas Gathering, someone stands at the front of the room says “invite your friends and colleagues! We love to see new faces with new potential to impact our presenting ministries.” And then, often in one on one conversations, we hear our members say that they don’t know who to invite.

This is such an important thing to understand. Why? While our Managing Partner and staff (all very part time!) work hard on the day-to-day operations of the Barnabas Chicago, our success  depends almost entirely on having a group of godly people casting vision for this work and connecting their networks to TBG.

So, who is a great Barnabas candidate? We're glad you asked!

  • Committed Christ followers - We want our members to be devoted believers with a desire to use their time, talents, and treasures to impact ministries as an act of great stewardship, obedience, and honor to God.
  • Marketplace leaders - Our members and partners and our best guests are have experience, career skills, and great expertise in any given field. Web development, marketing, finance, human resources, law–we need everyone!
  • Career type - We know people later in their careers are often our typical members. But, we're finding that folks who are still early in their careers can be a fantastic fit as well. Likewise, we know entrepreneurs have also been a fantastic resource for our presenting ministries.
  • Margin - We need people who are available. This doesn't mean we need an extra 10 hours a week to work with ministries but we do need people who have a few hours a month to give to Barnabas and the flexibility within their family and career commitments to fit work with ministries into their week.
  • Team players - We love optimists who are solution-focused, are skilled at working with others, humble problem-solvers, and who can listen first and ask questions before jumping to answers.

Ultimately, people who are consistent and committed to both Barnabas and also the ministries we serve are our ideal candidates. Time is a most precious commodity for all of us and we will never take this for granted. We are always deeply grateful for people who invest regularly with us.

As our next quarterly meeting approaches, will you accept the challenge to help Barnabas Chicago grow? Reach out to your network with a quick call or email, pass along our website or one of our recent e-newsletters, or put out a quick invite to your connections on social media. An invitation can be as simple as "This is a ministry I've been involved with for a while and it's making a great difference in our city, I think you'd enjoy the community & opportunity to use your expertise for the Kingdom." 

Take a look around you and pray about the people in your sphere of influence, ask the Lord to prepare the hearts and minds of your friends and colleagues,  make the invitation and then simply be available for what the Lord might do.

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