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How To Communicate Impact

Last month, my husband and I closed the books on the fundraising season.  We attended our last chicken-dinner event and reviewed our charitable giving, discussing the organizations we feel privileged to support. Since I’m also a retired fundraising consultant, part of this process means I will pick apart each event and give my husband an…
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Busy Busy Busy

What did you do last week that you'll be talking about 1,000 years from now? That's a question, isn't it? For me, I don't know if I have an answer. What about you? Take a look at this video - it's a quick one - as our Founder, Bob Shank and Managing Director Becky Turner tackle the notion of "I'm too busy."

After you watch, check out this and this if you want to read more about busyness in today's world.

Emily Harburg speaking at The Barnabas Group Chicago

Emily Harburg is a bright, hard-working young woman who just recently completed her doctoral studies at Northwestern University. She is an eloquent speaker with a willingness to answer questions and go further in depth when needed. We were recently blessed to have Emily speak to our community in the Loop. When Emily applied for college,…
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