...is The Barnabas Group for me?

The Barnabas Group is about connecting Marketplace Leaders to Ministry Leaders to serve them with our pro bono skills.

If YOU desire to make a powerful impact on ministries around the corner and around the globe… then The Barnabas Group (TBG) Chicago is where you belong!  

You’re a ministry-minded Employee, Entrepreneur, or Retired Marketplace Leader and you desire to provide so much more than just money if given an opportunity.

You’ve been seeking a community where you can use your network, time, unique abilities, giftings and resources to help ministries that reflect your true passions.  

What if there was a truly dynamic organization that stays fresh, exciting, and highly relevant to its members, ministries and communities it serves? 

What if you could…  

ENGAGE thousands of marketplace leaders with Christian ministry opportunities around the corner and around the world. 

RELEASE generosity in our communities with the dedication of unique gifts of time, talent, touch, and treasure to God’s service. 

LAUNCH and Grow The Barnabas Group Chicago alongside local Christian foundations and other Christian leaders. 


  • CONNECTION Leverage your marketplace experience, skills and strengths for the benefit of ministries and the Kingdom. You’ll connect and network with other professionals & ministries who learn from each other, share ideas, and best practices. 
  • COMMUNITY You're provided a safe place for Christian leaders like yourself to connect, work together, encourage and engage one another, all with the same purpose: To be used by God, through what He places on your heart. 
  • COLLABORATION TBG is collaborative – not competitive. At any given meeting, you’ll find like-minded members who have a heart to serve in the same category as you. 
  • CALLING IS A PRIORITY TBG focuses on presenting opportunities that fit your individual talents, gifting, network and resources. It's member funded through annual donations and there are rarely direct appeals for funds at TBG quarterly meetings. 

“If you're looking to surround yourself with like-minded marketplace leaders who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work on eternity projects... The Barnabas Group - Chicago is where you need to be!”  

-Christa Habel-March, CEO & Founder of Teen Mother Choices International


Partnership Has Its Privileges…Ours Are Eternal The Barnabas Group is about connecting the Marketplace (Employee, Entrepreneur, or Retired) Leaders to Ministry Leaders to serve them with our pro bono skills. Do something significant with your time… become a TBG Member, PARTNER, or Sponsor.  

“ I have met a lot of awesome people, and God is using the group to ignite in me a deeper passion for his kingdom by exposing me to an array of ministries led by people who are living courageously."

CONNECTING LEADERS & CHANGING LIVES Use your time, talent, and treasures to help ministries transform lives worldwide. What you have to offer can have a far greater impact in the Kingdom of God, in Jesus’ name.



If you are feeling led and excited to partner in a more generous way, we're excited to sit with you 1 on 1 to ensure you understand how your gift makes a Kingdom impact. We value partnership! 

TBG has limited availability for the discounted donation. Don't wait to Make an IMPACT...join our community today!


"TBG has prompted me to use my skills and network in ways that far exceed my expectations!" "I proposed and developed an idea for providing Next Manga Bibles to prison inmates. God answered our prayers... we were able to provide Bibles to every prison in Illinois AND share with the inmates children!

As a result, the inmates were able to read and discuss the Bible with their family. Lives were impacted inside and outside of the prison system plus creating a deeper hunger to know God.”

-George Commons, TBG Partner

What would happen if TBG didn't exist? Here’s a small snapshot of what has been provided:  

  • Over 3,000 people attended chapter meetings nationwide.
  • 100+ ministries interviewed and helped directly by TBG members. 
  • Keynote speakers presented biblically based challenges to members. 
  • Helped various ministries strengthen by hosting Building Your Business Plan, Fundraising, and Donor Discipleship. 
  • Networking meal-time events allowed members and ministries to meet and connect.  

“If the mission of Barnabas is something you believe in like I do, would you consider coming alongside the ministry and helping our work to continue? ” -Tommy Lee, Managing Parter  


The Barnabas Group Chicago promises prayerful, Godly stewardship of our finances and guarantees that our leadership will do all we can to best serve you and the ministries we partner with. If at anytime you need to move from being a financial supporter of TBG Chicago, simply reach out to our Managing Director, Tommy Lee.  


All personal information you provide is encrypted and secure. We will not share any information provided. 


What is The Barnabas Group? The Barnabas Group (TBG) is a national organization with chapters all over the country. TBG was founded with the goal of allowing Christians to use their collective talents as God would lead, in helping advance His Kingdom. In short, TBG is a ministry whose members have a passion to serve other ministries with their diverse passions and talents. The Barnabas Group is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  

Does The Barnabas Group do anything other than the four quarterly meetings? Yes! The Barnabas Group Chicago hosts a number of special events featuring guest speakers, authors, and teachers over the course of the year that are open to our members, partners, sponsors, and guests. We also host an annual fundraising event and Christmas celebration. This is in addition to all of the ministry trainings and support events that we host during the year.  

When and Where are the quarterly meetings? Our upcoming meeting schedule is below. You can click here to view upcoming events and RSVP.  

What is the time commitment? A ministry assignment can range from a few hours to a period of time over multiple months. There is a wide range of opportunities and time commitments to be considered to allow our participants to find one that fits within their schedule.  

What about Church and Ministry Staff that want to join TBG Chicago? Church and ministry staff can join The Barnabas Group Chicago as ministry partners. Contact Tommy Lee to learn more.

Barnabas Chicago Sponsors