I wanted to give you a brief update on our connections since Barnabas group. It has been a great experience, a lot of great connections, and still a lot more to continue to grow and develop. We enjoyed meeting new people, building bridges with other ministries, receiving coaching in our key asks, and being brought into the Barnabas family. Barnabas helped boost us into some relationships that we hope to be able to build and foster for the long term.

Barnabas was a key step in our organizational growth and I know we will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

Here are a few of the updates of how people have gotten involved so far.

  • Kids in BLING are designing a custom jewelry piece for one of the members
  • Donna is helping Beth with our PTO Policy update, very helpful
  • David and Minooka showed interest in partnering with Centers and have been coordinating time to get together.  Want to connect three ministry areas with the work of Centers.
  • Jon and Christa connected us with Teen Mother Choices International (a previous presenting ministry) and we had a great initial meeting.  Scheduled follow-up meeting later with Christa about possible future partnership of New Life Centers and TMC International
  •  Bruce has helped us with our board development and given some great coaching on what we need to build a strong board president and some ideas of who could fill that role.  Continuing conversation with him about board development.
  • Michael has given us some great advice/effort in our real estate efforts.  Came out and visited a potential new building location with Matt in Little Village and is helping coordinate the deal with seller.  Great insight and guidance so far.  Continuing conversation with him.
  • Demetrio connected us with Barrio to the Boardroom and is helping us to find funding to be able to get From the Barrio to the Board Room books with our Juvenile Justice kids.  Is now coordinating a potential partnership meeting with Boy Scouts International
  • Joshua met with Beth and had ideas for marketing BLING as high-end product
  • Gary connected with Beth and Matt and connected us with ministry in Austin, as well as gave some great overall organization advice and has also bridged a relationship with NEXT Manga  (a previous presenting ministry).  New Life is receiving Manga Bibles to use with kids in Juvenile Justice system.
  • Janice connected with Beth and Matt.  Brokered a relationship/presentation for Beth and the BLING team to present at the Metropolitan Club for women’s networking event.  Is partnering with Beth/Matt to do some team building assessments and using labyrinths as a way to work with team for unity and also grief counseling.
  • Tom connected with Matt and came to Centers Board Meet and Greet.  Good connection and potential partnership with churches in Barrington/Carpentersville.  Conversation is ongoing.
Matt DeMateo, Executive Director, New Life Centers of Chicago