The Barnabas Group Chicago: Ministry Application

Please complete the attached application, save as a PDF, and email both the Word Version and PDF version to  Mary Potter at Please format to ensure application is no longer than 2 pages when completed and be sure to update the header with your ministry’s information.

 NOTE: Section G is vital in our Selection Committee’s review process and critical to the collaboration that may result after a ministry’s presentation. The 3 strategic ways for TBG members to get involved (Section G) should be projects or opportunities for our members to use their marketplace expertise or career skills to impact your ministry.

These asks should not be typical volunteer tasks (i.e. tutor our students, help serve dinner, be part of a painting crew, run in our fundraising race, etc.) but should rather be short-term, focused projects with a clear deliverable. There is an example on page one of the application.

You have the opportunity to ask for help solving a unique current business challenge or opportunity you are facing that our marketplace partners could help solve using their education, work experience, skills, and training. On page two of the application, you'll find examples of asks we would consider quality, appropriate asks.

Download the application as a PDF

Download the application as a Word Document

Note: this download is a .doc format that is compatible with both Word and Google docs platforms. When complete, please email a copy in .doc and .pdf formats to Mary Potter.



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